Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Last Symbian Phone Nokia 808 PureView

In The year 2013, Nokia announced, when they might end the Symbian operating-system, and Nokia 808 PureView may be the final Symbian phone. Mobile, which was released this past year, which showcased ale a tool 'imaging' Nokia as well as involves the market in the year 2012.

Specs Nokia 808 PureView smartphone surprising the planet this past year. Because it comes with the Symbian operating-system, this telephone is supported with a camera able to take photos along with fine detail. The telephone comes with a 41MP digital camera that did not previously can be found on additional mobile phones.

Nokia took the choice to concentrate on Home windows Phone especially Home windows 8. Previous news offers surfaced concerning the increase of Home windows Phone with PureView really known as the Nokia EOS. Finish of Symbian has become a good finish, simply because departing a heritage that had a large amount of compliments capability "imaging" offers.

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